Education and Networking Agency in HoReCA
for restaurateurs, chefs, investors
Founded in 2011
Why did we start this business?
Education, experience exchange and new business opportunities for the hospitality industry. Because we care.
CEO and Founder of Food&Success
What is Food&Success speaker bureau?
Our huge networking in the restaurant world allows us to offer:
• Exclusive speakers to your conference
• Best world chefs and restaurant concepts for pop-ups, residences or guest chef experiences
• Create an online event for your company with the world's best speakers
Services for events
Concept development
Selection of the best business speakers in the world to match your event format and goals
Best chef speakers for your gastronomic conferences
Facilitation of events and sessions
Our events worldwide
RestArt Forum - The Art of Restaurant Management. Kiev
• Restaurant Leadership Course London
• Restaurant Leadership Course New York
• Trend tours for restaurateurs (Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, London, Istanbul).
• Workshops for chefs worldwide
• Internships
Chef-to-chef project
Food & Success together with the best chefs in the world created bespoke experiential training activities for young chefs
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Is a global educational project and networking platform for restaurateurs, chefs, investors.
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Food&Success is a global agency for education and networking in HoReCa
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